If I had things just my way I’d keep it all the same
No matter how hard I try nothing ever changes

Its all gone a stray
The life I tried to make
So ill tear it down and start again

You and I weren’t meant for this when the damage done exceeds the past limit
We will fade

The grasp I have on life is slipping away
And I feel its time to re arrange

And I have learned
To wake with myself
I’ve been alone for far too long I know
I could never love you half as much as you loved yourself
You will find the peace sought after as long as you can see what really matters

These days run red just like you said
You thought wed end up worthless
Its not just you I fear it’s me, it’s me

Time to think straight if I can justify
Then maybe you’ll find that place
Its not just you I fear it’s me, it’s me

And it doesn’t make sense, there’s no difference between

What I said, what I meant
There’s gotta be something more than this


from The Emergent Property, released January 22, 2011



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